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Name: Sangani Kishore

Age: 12


Gender:  Male


Birthday: July 29, 2001    


Study: 8th Standard




Biography: Religion- Hindus, Caste-Fisherma, and poor Kishor has two younger sisters. The parents catch fish from the near by river Vasishta, canals and ponds, and sells to support the family. The village has a short name Y.V. Lanka. It is a small village.  He is fair in complexion and studying 8th class. He studies in Telugu medium, because his mother tongue is Telugu. He is a clever boy, gets above average marks. He has interest in playing cricket and is an active and obedient child but a little shy as he comes from 'low' background.


Environment: The village is marshy since there is lot of water all through the year. Most people are agriculturists, growing paddy and sugar came. Their chief food is rice with curry. Most of the people are undernourished, but all are laborers. The climate is generally warm but due to the surrounding waters, it is cool with coconut gardens to provide shade. Prawn culture and fishing is common.


Please keep Kishor and his parents and sisters in yours prayers, and if are lead to help grant him a better life,  please sponsor him with $40 per month. God bless you and thank you for your love.  


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